Fredrick Bussey

Fredrick D. Bussey is a writer, speaker, coach, creative, and serial entrepreneur. He just published his first book, Breaking Orbit: Rip Out Of The Regular By Unearthing The Power Within!

Fredrick has worked for more than 15 years in the Music Entertainment industry as a Songwriter, Producer, Publicist, Marketing Director, and Artist Manager, spanning the Hip-Hop, Gospel, R&B, and Pop genres. Having launched several businesses, including IconStatus, a digital marketing and branding agency, he is currently developing several other ventures as well.

He has a strong passion for working with youth - especially those in underprivileged circumstances. Passionate about helping others to develop the skill sets to become successful, while attaining the freedom that entrepreneurship provides, Fredrick is a frequent speaker & presenter at schools and events. It is his belief that his purpose in life is helping others to discover and master their gift for their ultimate purpose.

Currently, Fredrick resides in Atlanta, GA with his wife and three children.

Most of us have heard it said that every person is special in their own way. Yet few of us are ever taught how to discover what that means for ourselves. Breaking Orbit unmasks the mystery of our personal power, by showing us what it really is, how we can find it within, and how we can use it to massively transform our lives.
Whether you’re a leader attempting to dig their organizations out of the mud, an entrepreneur trying to find their footing in the market, young woman or young man trying to make sense of the world and find your place in it, or you’re someone who feels as though time has passed you by, Breaking Orbit is for you.
If you struggle with clarity, or lack of purpose; if, despite the successes you’ve achieved in your life, you still struggle with your sense of purpose and meaning; if you long to leave your mark in the world, and to be remembered for more than just paying the bills and dying; if you long to build something special and long-lasting – whether it’s a business, a career, a marriage, or a movement, then Breaking Orbit is for you.
Breaking Orbit helps to decipher the riddle around gifts, talents, and skills, why we think some people are special – and why we don’t believe that we are, by diving into the origins our gift,  of the human concepts of genius and creativity, where we’ve been misled, and how we can tap into a deeper source of personal power.
The book explores how misplaced ideas about individual gifts, education, society, and even parenting form barriers over and around our potential. Breaking Orbit reveals the three types of gifts, the law of Giftedness, and details the steps to discover your own gift.
Using the metaphor of rockets to describe the intense capabilities of every human being, Breaking Orbit lays out a detailed strategy for living life on your own terms and soaring past the upper limits of your potential.
 Part storybook, part motivational anthology, part personal growth masterclass, Breaking Orbit challenges conventional beliefs about who is capable of greatness, and unveils the truth about what each person can achieve. We’ve been told there are no limits to our potential. Now we know it’s true, and we know why.
Breaking Orbit will leave you inspired, re-energized, empowered, and clear about the steps you can take to launch your life into the stratosphere – and beyond. Simply put, it may very well be one of the most important books ever written. It will definitely be one of the most important ones you ever read. Breaking Orbit will change your life.